Broad sterilization technologies and expertise for each product


Taryag-Medical was launched in 2013 as a startup company. Triggered by the need for product-oriented sterilization process, Taryag-Sterilization has emerged from Taryag-Medical in 2015 and became a contract sterilization service provider. Taryag-Labs, the third company of Taryag Group, was founded in 2018 and offers environmental, chemical and microbiological laboratory services for pharmaceutical and medical products.

Taryag senior level management has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the fields of management, design, manufacturing and regulation of medical devices. We have adopted the strategy of being dedicated to advancing patient care through improved capabilities, innovative technologies and superior relationship with our customers.

Our 800 m2 facilities include offices, sterilization halls, laboratories and clean rooms (ISO6 and ISO 7).